I was on tv!

I was just featured on TV's G4 on Attack of the Show: "Women of the Web" (00:58 on the player)

and wtf is with the black box on my boob? I'm not naked.


Emily Anthony and I were shipped almost to Canada (christ!???) for a coupla' days to make some Tshirt action. I'll post more.... if you are good.

Patrick sketches

This is Patrick! he takes the pot.

THE #1 song and video of all time:

Mr Eric Wareheim, friend and fellow Philly native, just used my Tim/Eric caricatures for promotional use... thank you, sir.

Superstar web comic creator John Allison happens to enjoy only the best music. Therefore, I presented the perfect gift from a fan:


It's like this, see. Today's BBQ boasted this new specie of human to catch mine eye.

"Behold, a wizard on meaty back-blade," I whisper. I am then treated with beer-stink tellings of the unfortunate split wizard slaying by a broken beer bottle bar battle. As a drawer, I needed to draw him a drawing of this backnefied cloud wizard with wizardly creationist bolts of magic shooting down to Earth. If America was a person, it would be Steve.
(the BB cap tanline is a lie, my brain laid that idea)

Meekins' girls' houswarmin'

that's me (L) and Meekins #2 (R)

So we moved 4 blocks down to a huger joint. (philly phriends invited)

I finally drew myself out of my long drawing rut. Expect millions of Marlo posts.