Sample Painting for Mighty B Book Series

(Digital) Digital painting is a lot easier than natural media, but I don't prefer it. What do you prefer and why?


Patrick McMicheal said...

Traditional media is king***
I prefer ANY kind of art that doesn't require software!!!
This is very cool, by the way!

Marlo said...

Thanks, patty boy!

Unknown said...

I like drawing more but since I can't paint well software is much more convenient.

...for the moment

Adam Tavares said...

Traditional media is way more fun. Digital painting is too abstract. Having a huge stack of canvases you can call your own is a lot more satisfying than a bunch of files in a folder on your computer. You know?

What's better an apple or an apple Jolly Rancher? Grass or astroturf? A real christmas tree or an aluminum one?

Once you throw convenience out of the equation traditional everything is better.

Klaas Op De Be├ęck said...

I'm also not in to digital anymore, any other technique gives me more satisfaction... And the fact that you don't own anything material anymore, but just some bits or a print makes it even worse!

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

This is great, Marlo! I definitely prefer your traditional paintings, though.

I've been doing a lot of digi painting lately... painstakingly trying to make it look traditional. It's all very absurd, but the flexibility with digital trumps all. It also eliminates the problem of scanning and color correcting your traditional piece.

That said, I'd choose traditional in a heartbeat. You can't top the charm, character or craftsmanship, nor the special one of a kind feeling. It's like the difference between watching a stage play live at the theatre vs one that's been recorded and edited for TV. Digital doesn't capture that same magic.

Bottom line is that both have their strengths. Sadly, traditional painting (for backgrounds) will likely be completely extinct soon.

Jesse said...

I actually find digital painting to be more annoying, I think because I think it should be quicker even than it is... Highly suspicious. Vectors on the other hand, a laugh riot. sort of.

eh, I'll stick with paint mostly.

Marlo said...

Digital painting is easier to me because there's no mixing and mixing takes forever and it's boring and hurts my noodle arm. However, digital painting is harder because you have to take extra time to HIDE the fact that it's digital by giving it a super-organic feel. If one (especially an untrained eye) can instantly identify a piece as digital, then it's a poorly done, IMO. I totally agree with all of you!!

Unknown said...

yah...although mixing colours traditionally for me informs my choices digitally.

I remember I'd choose colours willy nilly digitally, but I'm alot more sensitive to colour choices now. But both are great for their own reasons!

Unknown said...

Marlo - You agree with all of us?! No way! Pick a side we're fighting!

Hammerson said...

Traditional painting, absolutely (though I suck at it).
It's more fun, you have a better tactile feeling of creating something, and you get a real physical object as the final result.
With digital, the whole concept of original painting becomes meaningless. Also, you can't make a mess of yourself and surroundings with digital "paint", so it takes away another extra layer of fun.

That said, digital is faster and easier to work, you can change parts of the picture and experiment more freely without fear of ruining what's been done before. Digital often looks too bland and sterile, but it's possible to achieve organic and warm feeling usually through some texture that gels the whole picture together.

I love your Mighty B painting, it's a great example of digipainting that looks really traditional. You can do miraculous stuff with both medias.

Juan Bauty said...

I think the best way is the combination of both (i draw traditional, but i coloring digitally).

Whitney Pollett said...

I agree with Juan. Scanning a sketch with a little bit of an ink wash or something gives you some realistic textures and line weight. Then whatever you do digitally becomes a little bit less of a struggle.

Your experiences with actual pencils, markers, ink, paint, whatever, will teach you what a digital piece should look like when you're going for a traditional style. Sooo, they're both equally important and go hand and hand.

I know I'm way late and this topic and it's probably already been shot to shit but I felt compelled to say something hahah.
Love your work Marlo!

IZA said...

I am COMPLETELY for traditional painting for just about most everything.

The only edge digital has is that I don't have to take a photo or scan and try and tweak the colors.

talkingtj said...

i just like working with my hands, i get eye strain sitting in front of a computer for too long,everything is set up for you to make choices visually, instead of experimenting and finding out what happens.

jyc said...

I prefer Traditional. Because I HATE PHOTOSHOP! It pisses me off >:( Haha nice drawings I like your storyboards of buildings. What kind of artist does that? A environmental artist? Storyboard artist? Or which kind? haha :D


Custom Coaster said...

I've used Digital media for years, but it sometimes comes out too ... sterile. Recently I've been dabbling with water paints, though I'm not great with acrylic or oil (nor water) paint I still try to better my self artistically by trying new things.

So I would take Traditional over digital, for personal projects, but use digital for work that I have to send to many people, since I feel that traditional looks better in person and digital looks better impersonal.